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About Me

Hello world!

For some reason I've always loved that greeting and have never been sure why. One of my teachers in High School called me an incurable romantic; not in the sense of inter-personal relationships, but in the sense of always looking toward something new or remembering an era that has passed with a nostaligiac sigh. Perhaps this is why I love that greeting. For those of you not familiar with programming languages, it is traditional among programmers that the first program to be written in any new language they are learning should print that greeting out onto the screen. I won't go into the further details of it all here, but if you are interested in reading more about the Hello World programs, visit the Wikipedia article. Anyway, the Hello World greeting signifies an entry into a new programming language which is in a way, a whole new world.

What I Do

My personal hobbies cover a very wide variety of topics, but for the sake of brevity I am limitting the hobbies I post about on this web-site to the following:

  • Programming - anything from C to Java to PHP, my specific area of interest is any sort of data warehousing or creating systems to help people organize their information.
  • Server Administration - I like to tinker and I like to learn about security. These two subjects come together the best in web server design and administration. My preferred platform is Linux or FreeBSD.
  • Electronics / Gadgetry - as said before, I love to tinker. This urge to modify expands into the electronics field and I like to design, build and modify anything electronic from audio amplifiers to NICs.
  • Poetry - I believe it is important to have varied interests, so I make sure I keep hobbies that (for the most part) do not involve computers; poetry is the one you are most likely to see reflected in this site.
  • Cars - I have a mildly peculiar taste in cars. I prefer older American cars to any others mostly for the fact that I can tinker with them as well. When it comes to newer cars and imports it is much more difficult for me to modify them or fool with the inner workings because they have gotten so much more complex. I like performance, mileage and reliability as well as anything that is creative and unique.

My hope for this site is to have it reflect the projects that I get involved in. Hopefully it will also help to keep me motivated to actually document the processes I go through during each project and just maybe it will help somebody else out there who is working on a similar idea.

1981 Dodge Mirada This is my car, a 1981 Dodge. I bought it with 93,000 miles on it and have since driven it from Washington State to Maine and am now using it as my daily driver in Connecticut. The car has a 318 (5.2L) V8 with a 2 bbl carburetor. It has proven itself reliable and is definitely unique. Many people have never heard of this model and few of those that have heard of it have ever seen one.

Reverse Engineering A Keyboard This is a project Steve and I did for a freshman year project for the Introduction to Engineering class at the University of Connecticut. The assignment was simply to find something that interested us and reverse engineer it to figure out what makes it tick. The result of the project is displayed here along with our 80+ slide powerpoint presentation (available in alternate formats) containing what we learned.

MBA Computers This is one of the first sites I constructed for a company in Tacoma, Washington. This is a friendly small business serving the Pacific Northwest that does computer and printer installation, service and maintenace.

Justin's Poetry For now this is just a basic page containing some of the poems I have written over the rears. It is my no means completed or comprehensive. I shall add more content as I either find it in my archives or write new ones.

Future of Operating Systems This is a simple research essay I wrote for an online course I was taking. This is my expectation of how the Operating System market will be changing over the coming years based on research on trends in previous years. File available in multiple formats.

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