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Justin's Poetry

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Justin's Poetry

This is a collection of some of the poems I have written over the years. Many of them are nostalgiac, all of them were heartfelt. This is my no means completed or comprehensive, they are just the ones that I happen to feel like posting.

I will add new ones as I feel like writing them. Don't bother to ask me what any of them mean. Poetry is one of those things that mean something different to each person and I don't think that what it meant to me when I wrote it actually has anything to do with its value as a creative work. Take them as they come and read from them whatever you want =).

Newer stuff

I haven't written anything in an incredibly long time (a year and 3 months!!) so I'm going to try to get some new stuff up here.


A peice of paper,
It's clean, white surface scribbled with notes from when someone thought they were important,
And then carelessly forgotten.
Left to natures devices.
Buffetted about by the wind,
It yearns to be useful again.
To find some protected backpack and slip inside it's comforting womb of normality.
But it has been too long,
No one cares to touch
it's crinkled and used up surface,
Nor offer it a new lease on life with the massagingly lobotomizing touch of a soft eraser.
Ripped and stained it lands smoothly in a pool of water,
Stained with oil dripping from a car.
A car that was going somewhere.
A blissfully oblivious pedestrian grinds it into the ground with the heel of her shoe.

Stuff from years gone by:

New Year's 2005

Happy year that begins anew
Fresh full of hopes and ways to dream
The years of the past already flew
Down time's mysterious wandering stream.
But there's more to come for all us still,
And let us face it with strength of will.

Here's to the friends, be they new or old,
Close or far, hot or cold.
May those years to come that be thrown our way,
Do naught to lead us apart or astray;
But rather give us strength to go on
To face each year and fresh new dawn.

May all the dreams your heart desires,
Be sparked and grow to blazing fires.

Ode to Beauty

Here's to the ladies with true beauty inside,
The deep inner beauty too strong to hide,
You've more to you than most can see,
An ageless light fore'er running free,
Always bear this light with pride.


Unsure of what to think or do,
Confused and lost, no where to turn,
Oh, what I'd give to speak aloud
Of the feelings deep inside me burned.

The One

Is it wrong that I see your face, whene'er I close my eyes?
The smile that crossed your lips when you glanced up at the skies
To make a wish on a born-again star
To bring near a dream that seemed too far
Will it come true? Only time can tell
But I promised I'd be there if e'er you fell
'Til whenever our ways part,
You'll be here with me, in my heart.

Only You

Only you could raise me high
Only you could make me fly
You are the wings under my dreams
That aid my life and fill the seams

I fly through the skies
Never wondering why
I feel so light
Like a bird in flight

Only you could love so true
But I never told so you never knew
As I wander through this life
Filled with hardship, grief and strife
Wondering how I missed a love
That set me free like a dove.

Skies of the Mind

So many shades and colors and hues;
From blacks to reds to blues.
Changing and melding and evolving
Like dreams in a mind dissolving.

The kind thought of a cloud
Or the rage of a storm
And the hope of a star
In the fluid skies are born.

Stars of Love

Shining stars up in the sky
Make me stop and wonder why
I feel the way I do
The way I feel for you.

Flying through the stars
Your eyes, more beautiful by far,
The brownish golden of your skin
For you I'd try and for you I'd win.
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