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My Services

I am a student during the school year and work full time doing web development for the university during the summer vacations. However, I do have spare time and if you need something created, my services are for hire.

Below is a list of the services I have experience with and my pricing scheme. For all deals, please contact me in advance. All prices are negotiable and the list of applications is by no means comprehensive. If you have a special request, contact me and we will work something out.

Web Development

We at Fugitive Thought provide by-request web development services to a wide range of clients. Our primary purchasers are small businesses and clubs who wish to establish an online presence.

The majority of our work is in creating database-driven web based applications to help you manage your data. We can build completely customized applications including but not limitted to the following applications:

  • Online Stores and Shopping Carts (no credit card support)
  • Ticket Management Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • User Management and Forums
  • Customized Resource Management
  • Basic Search Engines

Price List

We provide two levels of service: Basic Presence and Active Content.

Basic Presence - this type of a website provides content that has to be editted by hand if you wish to make any changes. The pages will usually display information about your company or group and provides no user interactivity beyond navigation.
Price: $25 / hour

Active Content - this type of website is for a much more interactive experience. Anything that requires that the user log in our access personalized features or requires that the system store content that can be editted directly from the web site. Examples include stores or inventory systems where you wish to be able to update the information or handle orders through the website. These systems require more complex programming and are therefore of necessity more expensive.
Price: $45 / hour.

If you wish to hire us, please send us an email or fill out our work-request form. This form is non-binding and is used to help us obtain a better idea of what you would like in your website so we can provide you with a proper price estimate.

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