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We at FugitiveThought take our own privacy and the privacy of any users of our website very seriously. As of yet we do not have any business associates and as we are more an informational / hobby site, we are very unlikely to have any in the future. Any and all information provided to us during registration such as email addresses will not be divulged to any group by us barring a government subpoena. This private information will never be used for commercial purposes or solicitations by us.

We are making use of Google Analytics, so IP address information about the pages you visit is stored on Google servers. If this is worrying to you, then you can disable Javascript while browsing our website and the Google urchin will not track you. Whenever you post a comment your IP address is recorded purely for security purposes and to allow us to filter out bots and other undesirables that would detract from your web experience while visiting us.

Keep in mind that this is a publicly viewable website, so if you choose an option in our control panel to display your email address publicly, then you are accepting the responsibility and consequences that may be associated with having your email address viewed by the world. This option is disabled by default to protect your privacy. Any and all comments and posts you make on this website are also viewable by the world and may be crawled by search engines so please respect other viewers and use proper Netiquette.

As the comments are being stored on our servers, we may delete or modify your posts to maintain the quality of the website. If we modify your posts, then we will be doing it for the sole purpose of repairing formatting. If we do not like the message that you are presenting or do not want that message shown on our website, then the comment will be deleted instead.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns about this policy. We will keep an updated version of this policy on this website and it is subject to change over time.

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