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Compiling Amarok

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How to compile Amarok from source - without kde

posted by: Steve

Compiling amaroK from its source code is a tedious process. However, that is not to say that doing so is a bad idea. Indeed, a direct-from-source compile is necessary when your distribution lacks a package management system, has infrequently updated packages, or simply offers a package that does not suit your needs. Additionally, if you prefer gnome, xfce, enlightenment, fluxbox, or some other window manager and thereby do not use kde, getting amaroK functioning can be quite difficult. Indeed, I prefer the xfce or fluxbox window managers. Nevertheless, I endeavored to try out amaroK, and once I did, I must say I was quite impressed.

If you are interested in doing the same, or have a unique need best served by compile-time configuration, here detailed below is my guide:

Before continuing, I suggest making one top level build directory for all of the following, (due to the amount of dependencies) and build from within the untarred directories of each package.

Unless stated otherwise, compile with './configure && make; sudo -c "make install"' or equivalent.

Additional notes:

Of mice and men:

Now that this annoying and time consuming compile has finished, go take a walk; get some sun. The odds are good that the basement has seen too much of you. Ater that refresher, come on back and add /path/to/kde/bin (found in the same location you specified with --prefix when running configure for amarok). Then run amaroK, and off you go. Hope all goes well; if it does, you could delete your source tree. ..Which is recommended, actually, given the amount of data you just spewed across your harddrive. However, if you think you may tweak things to your liking, keep it around for a while just in case. Enjoy!

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