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OpenSource Direct Connect Hub - Now Available!

posted by: Steve

November 18, 2005: Launch!

Note: I'll be bringing down the hub for the thanksgiving break. It will be live as soon as I get back to campus.

At the moment, I have decided to restrict it to the UConn IP block. (After all, I would like to keep my quota healthy and avoid throttling). This may change (and hopefully will) sometime in the future.

Also now available: tech support channels and 16 more gigabytes of data! Dig in!

November 10, 2005: Launch!

Interested in unix/linux and open source software? Great! Want to obtain someto experiment or install? Even better! But wait...you have a bandwidth quota. Sigh. Well, if you want to be able to download Knoppix/Gentoo/Solaris/FreeBSD/OpenOffice/etc without overrunning your quota, I have set up a direct connect hub on the UConn campus expressly for this purpose! It is intended to allow the local mirroring of the large disc images common to unix distributions and associated software. Included will be variants of Solaris, BSD, and Linux. The chief benefit of local mirroring is that it does not impact bandwidth quotas.

Note that any user of the hub MUST NOT have a share available, or their connection will be refused. (This is to mitigate any potential association of a dc hub with copyright infringement, so on and so forth.). To that end, all files will be served from my own server and will be present only under free-distribution licenses. As is usual with such hubs, there is a main chat area for any present on the hub. Likewise, several channels are planned for tech support, etc.

For access to this hub, please connect via any direct-connect capable client (suggest valknut in *nix and dc++ in win) to the following address: uconnunix.dyndns.org Please leave any comments or suggestions in main chat, or direct them to steven.maresca@uconn.edu or lightyear4@gmail.com


NOTE: This server is less than a month old, and has yet to be tested under full load. Please help with that :)

NOTE2: Regarding Solaris licenses (quoted from Sun's page at http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/popup.jsp?info=17 ): "Solaris 10 Registration Process: If you obtained the Solaris 10 OS by means other than a download [direct from Sun] or are installing the Solaris 10 OS on systems that have not yet been registered, you must still register to receive an Entitlement Document that gives you the right to use the software past the 90-day evaluation period and for commercial purposes. Follow the same process described above for download customers. After completing the download survey, you will be redirected to the Solaris 10 download page for downloading. Simply forego downloading; your Entitlement Document will be sent to your registered e-mail address."
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