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Reverse Engineered Keyboard

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Reverse Engineering Project - Computer Keyboard

During our first semester as engineering students at the University of Connecticut, we had to select something to reverse engineer for our Intro to Engineering class. We chose a computer keyboard because it was basic enough to be feasible, and yet complex enough for us to actually learn something. The class was a pass / fail class, but the professor was dedicated enough to make the project graded on a regular scale so students could see how their work rated against each others. This project earned us an A and the professor selected us along with two other groups to present to the entire class (it was a class of 200+ pupils).

The project was a combination of research and hands-on work. We taught ourselves how to use an oscilliscope and did some custom soldering to attach our sensors to the keyboard. The project was supposed to be semester long, but we ended up putting it off until near the end, and then spent the three nights before it was due actually doing it; but hey, it got done on time as always and we did a pretty good job.


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